SBS Cleaning & Maintenance Services:

General Commercial and Office Cleaning

When there are so many people coming and going, a business office can become dirty very quickly.
SBS Cleaning & Maintenance cleans and sanitizes any type of facility, preserving a company's professional image and boosting the morale of its employees. Our professional commercial office cleaning services in the Greater Vancouver area include everything involved in making a facility presentable.

  • Cleaning vents
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all areas of washrooms
  • Dusting horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and sweeping floors
  • Disinfecting common surfaces such as telephones and light switches
  • Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks, counter tops, microwaves, toasters,
  • ovens and refrigerators
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Washing windows
  • Cleaning blinds

Don't see the general cleaning service you need? Contact SBS Cleaning & Maintenance for more information about commercial cleaning in the Greater Vancouver area.

Restaurants and Night Clubs

At SBS Cleaning & Maintenance, we are experienced with the high standards of servicing the hospitality industry. We can create a customized cleaning and janitorial program to fit the needs of your establishment and your budget. Our staff is specially trained to thoroughly address the front of the business, back of the business, kitchens, restrooms, patios, meeting rooms, appliances and much more. You can depend on our professional staff to care for your business daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on a one time basis. Our employees are reliable, trustworthy and can accommodate the hours and needs of your location. We service restaurants in and around the Greater Vancouver area.

Medical Office Cleaning

Nothing can tarnish a medical organization's image more than dirty facilities. A clean and sanitary environment is imperative for any workplace to thrive, particularly one that is involved in healthcare.
Make the right impression on your clients. Welcome visitors and employees alike with facilities that are sanitary, from the entrance to the bathrooms, and everything in between. SBS Cleaning & Maintenance cleans it up thoroughly. Our professional medical office cleaning services utilize the industry's most advanced technologies and techniques to achieve results that far exceed the standard, using specially designed products that are not only first grade, but also environmentally friendly. Cleaning agents are non toxic, protecting the health of all entering the premises.

Institutional Facilities

At SBS Cleaning & Maintenance we clearly understand our responsibility in providing educational and institutional cleaning and janitorial solutions that will result in environmentally-safe and clean facilities. These are typically heavily-used environments where it's essential to keep on top of day-to-day wear and tear. Keeping buildings clean and tidy will inspire users to take pride in their surroundings and provide a pleasant learning and work environment for students, teachers, and professionals alike.

We utilize specialized cleaning equipment and environmentally-safe cleaning agents to provide effective cleanliness and sanitation in classrooms, restrooms, gyms, teaching theatres, school labs, related kitchens and offices, etc.

Government Properties

Our professional services provide safe, quality, environmental cleaning concepts while employing a reliable and highly trained staff. Our customized cleaning program allows federal institutions to create an affordable comprehensive cleaning and maintenance package to suit the needs of any facility both large and small.
To ensure quality control, our specially trained staff are monitored by supervisors to ensure the most efficient and thorough cleaning method is being delivered. Your customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We provide regular on-site inspections and continuously follow-up with management to ensure quality control. On site supervisors are always available for immediate feedback.

Shopping Malls

We have a division that specializes in shopping mall cleaning: maintaining the entire premises so that they are fresh and tidy when the doors open every morning. A clean, organized retail space is key to conveying the concepts of quality and respect to shoppers. SBS Cleaning & Maintenance helps keep your stores impeccable: an invisible extra salesperson that lets your customers know they are dealing with a business that cares. Treat shoppers to the best possible experience in the best possible atmosphere with SBS Cleaning & Maintenance.

Movie Theatres

We understand the specialized needs of movie theatres and guarantee our high standards will meet with your satisfaction. Whether you are one theatre or a national chain, our trusted highly trained staff of professionals will meet your expectations and those of your patrons. Our employees are reliable, trustworthy and can accommodate the hours and needs of your location on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time basis.
Our customized cleaning services will fit any movie theatre’s size and budget by keeping costs low without sacrificing quality. SBS Cleaning & Maintenance provides quality cleaning and janitorial services to anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area. Your customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We provide regular on-site inspections and continuously follow-up with management to ensure quality control. On site supervisors are always available for immediate feedback.

Construction Clean-Up

Construction is a messy job, leaving loads of dirt and debris in its wake. Trash often remains after each stage of construction, from the beginning as the frame is being built to the final finishing touches of the completed building. Remove junk from the premises and get those new facilities sparkling clean with professional construction clean-up in the Greater Vancouver area by SBS Cleaning & Maintenance. Small or large, inside and out, our construction cleaning experts have years of experience ensuring total removal of all unwanted materials and debris from a site. And it won't all go in the trash - each item is disposed of or recycled appropriately. All that'll be left to do is move in!

Shampooing and Carpet Cleaning

For most of us, the majority of our working day is spent inside. It's vital to have clean air to breathe, but dirty carpets are a major threat to air quality. They contribute to allergies and illness, as well as weaken immune systems.Shampooing and cleaning carpets on a regular basis not only eliminates dust and other dirt particles, but can also prolong their longevity. Contact SBS Cleaning & Maintenance at 604.862.6862 for more information about shampooing and cleaning carpets in the Greater Vancouver area.

Hard Floor Programs

SBS Cleaning & Maintenance specializes in cleaning and restoring the condition of vinyl, stone, linoleum and wooden floors. Any aspect of floor maintenance is performed, including stripping, resealing, waxing, buffing and refinishing. Call 604.862.6862 for more information about our hard floor programs in the Greater Vancouver area.

Vacant Unit Cleaning-Renovation Cleaning

The renovation crew has finally completed their work and your home or office looks....terrible.
Unwanted leftover materials litter the floor, debris is strewn about and a layer of dust and grime coats everything - in some ways the place looks worse than before. While in a few cases the renovator will clean up the mess after their job is done, in many instances they'll only do a few general things and leave the rest to you. For post renovation cleaning in the Greater Vancouver Area, contact SBS Cleaning & Maintenance to reveal the true results of your home or office renovation project. After our professional renovation clean up crew is done, your place will look as fabulous as you imagined it.

Gyms and Fitness Facilities

SBS Cleaning & Maintenance provides high quality cleaning services to gyms and fitness facilities throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. Our highly trained staff understands that cleanliness is crucial to the health and safety of your staff and clientele. Our goal at SBS is to provide outstanding customer service while ensuring any cleaning related concerns are addressed and eliminated in order to help you provide the highest standard of client satisfaction. There are many viruses out there that are of great concern these days among the public and gym clientele. SBS Cleaning & Maintenance is your partner in maintaining a sanitized workout environment to help lessen the spread and impact of these viruses.


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